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The Vycor Extension Arm
Size INR
Regular Rs. 65000/-

The Vycor Extension Arm has been designed to serve as an extension between VBAS and commonly used Fixation Systems.

  • Designed as a reusable accessory which may be attached to your existing surgical fixation system
  • Minimizes obstruction and visual interference of surgical access to the operative site
  • Maximizes stabilization and fixation of the VBAS working channel
  • May provide additional functionality by allowing an attachment point for most image-guided systems
  • The Vycor Extension Arm allows the VBAS retractor to be flush with the surface of the craniotomy

Available Sizes

TC120803 12mm 8mm 3cm
TC120805 12mm 8mm 5cm
TC120807 12mm 8mm 7cm
TC171103 17mm 11mm 3cm
TC171105 17mm 11mm 5cm
TC171107 17mm 11mm 7cm
TC211503 21mm 15mm 3cm
TC211505 21mm 15mm 5cm
TC211507 21mm 15mm 7cm
TC282003 28mm 20mm 3cm
TC282005 28mm 20mm 5cm
TC282007 28mm 20mm 7cm