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Osteopore Osteomesh
Size INR
25mm x 25mm x 1.25mm Rs. 20995/-
50mmx 50mm x 1.25mm Rs. 24955/-

Osteopore OsteoMesh™ provides a durable, biodegradable implant that provides the immediate structural integrity and long-term integration desired in orbital floor reconstructions.  The malleability of the semirigid OsteoMesh™ allows for easy manipulation and contouring during a procedure with no need for complicated fixation using screws.  The material properties provide strength on par with cancellous bone and the biocompatible matrix ensures easy integration with the tissue, allowing for cell migration and development and quick vascularization.  There have been no adverse postoperative complications and patients have not suffered from diplopia or secondary enopthalmus.

Key Benefits

  • Osteoconductive
  • Slow biodegradation
  • No plates or screws required
  • Rapid & homogenous vascularization
  • Malleable and user-friendly


OsteoMesh™ is designed to aid healing of fractured orbital walls by:

  • Restoring the structural integrity of the orbital wall by bridging the defect and preventing the orbital contents from herniating into the adjacent periorbital sinuses
  • Preventing extra-ocular motility limitations by minimising scar tissue adhesion
  • Augmenting the orbital volume by compressing the intra orbital contents to correct enopthalmos

Patient Results

  • Beyond 2 years of follow-up
  • No prolapse of orbital contents into the sinus cavity
  • Osteomesh™ remained in a satisfactory position
  • Normal anatomy of orbital shape and volume restored