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Osteopore Osteoplug
Size INR
Sqaffold Osteoplug 13mm Rs. 14995/-
Sqaffold Osteoplug 15mm Rs. 16995/-
Sqaffold Osteoplug 12mm Rs. 13995/-

The Osteopore Osteoplug™ is a unique synthetic bioresorbable polycaprolactone (PCL) scaffold for burr-hole skull defects. This patented and FDA cleared PCL scaffold imitates natural bone extracellular matrix and promotes natural osteogenesis to occur into the burr-hole defect.

The Osteoplug™ conforms to the defect and thus, maximizes direct contact with viable bone. New bone integrates and blends with the patient’s bone perfectly, with excellent cosmetic results.

Key Benefits

  • Osteoconductive
  • Slow Biodegradation
  • Rapid & Homogenous Vascularization
  • Synthetic Biocompatible material
  • Biomimetic Milieu for initial blood clot phase of wound healing
  • Integration of patient's native bone & delivery of nutrients invading precursor cells
  • Snap-fits into the burr hole defect without plates or screws
  • Mushroom button design provides user friendly handling and predictable clinical results


  • Intended for use in the repair of neurosurgical burr holes
  • Used to aid closure of post trephination burr hole defects

Patient Results

  • Good Bone integration with signs of mineralization 3 months post-implantation
  • 3 years of post-implantation follow-up without adverse events
  • Ideal scaffold for natural ontogenesis and excellent cosmoses